Skoch Order-of-Merit Award 2015

Welcome to Employee Portal, Finance Department Government of Jharkhand.

An employee gets transparent access to their financial data through the portal and can manage his / her personal details. An employee must register into this site to apply online for services like GPF advance and Pay Slip (Leave encashment, Leave statement, service history & Pay slip {Only for Class B officers}). GPF account details, Salary details, and Contribution & Recovery details & are also available for online viewing.

Services Available in Portal

  • Get information about GPF account.
  • Download financial year wise accounting slip.
  • Generate GPF accounts slip online.
  • Download the monthly salary slip
  • Download monthly GPF/CPF Contribution report of the financial year with TV details.
  • Apply for GPF advance and Pay Slip online .
  • Get retirement related information.
  • Android Mobile app also available for all mentioned services. (Download Mobile app)